Just want some quick and concrete advice about matching colors?

Online advice from Amelia can be given if you need some quick help with one of the things below:

1. Your color palette in clothing. You will get your digital table swatches for your colors. 

2. Your make-up style and colors, matching to a certain outfit (send picture of it). 

3. Your hair-style for a specific occasion (describe that occasion).

4. The colors which suit  to your personality. (for this question i am sending you a table with questions to fill in).

5. Which type of dress, blouse and pants are most flattering for my body shape?


HOW IT WORKS? Very Simple! You complete your color profile write your question in the  chatt  window from our webbshop or you send it by email to aufashion.contact@gmail.com. As soon the question is aproved by designer for answer you buy ONLINE ADVICE in our webbshop and  within 24 hours you will receive in you email box the answer to the question. Your feedback would be very kind and appreciated for encouraging other woman to get confidence and professional help with their style.


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