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Just want some quick and concrete advice about matching colors?

Online advice from Amelia can be given if you need some quick help with one of the things below:

1. Your color palette in clothing. You will get your digital table swatches for your colors. 

2. Your make-up style and colors, matching to a certain outfit (send picture of it). 

3. Your hair-style for a specific occasion (describe that occasion).

4. The colors which suit  to your personality. (for this question i am sending you a table with questions to fill in).

5. Which type of dress, blouse and pants are most flattering for my body shape?



To book an Online Consultation with the designer Amelia Ursache you need first to request a booking in the menu Onine Consultation >> Book Consultation. After your booking was aproved, you will need to choose the  "Online Consultation" in the  menu SHOP >> Online Consultation and to proceed the payment. After that you will complete the form with your Style Profile (find it on page Online Style Consultation) and send it to the designer by email:
For Online consultation you can choose between 1 Question Consultation or a Video Consultation.

With the ”1 Question Consultation” you can meet and discuss the designer by chatt about your question or you can just send it to her by email. The payment confirmation must be done when sending the question and within 24-48h you will receive the answer. Price: 50€/30 min

1 Question Chat Consultation

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