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AUthentique ROMANTIC Woman

AUthentique ROMANTIC Woman perfume brings on a crescendo of sensuality!

Its luxurious mix of high quality notes emanates a victorian volouptuosness, refined and sophisticated, creating a calming lingering presence. The perfume evokes feelings of romanticism and dreaminess, love and desire.


> Sensual, romantic, exclusive

> A luxury perfume, recommended especially for the evening

> Perfect for a date or a romantic dinner



The perfume begins with fresh vibrant floral top notes, complementing the ylang-ylang of the middle note. The base note is rich with the scent of neroli and labdanum, giving the fragrance a warming and sensual presence.

Matching Personality

AUthentique ROMANTIC Woman would match with the personality named in psychology as ”The Traditional.” It is recognised to belong to someone that is stable, moral, orderly, traditional, conformist, and down to earth. They are a good citizens, with exemplary morals, perhaps fighting for justice; working in administration, logistics, support roles, law, or even human ressources.

Colours Used: discreet colours, monochrome combinations, medium contrasts.

Perception by Others: Traditional, respectable, controlled, adequate.

Story: This perfume is No.18 from the first sample collection of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.


Top notes

Summer floral mix

Middle notes


Basic notes

Neroli, Amber, Labdanum

Perfume groups

Floral, woody, oriental

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