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AMELIA URSACHE  medical mask retailer, colour analysis, amelia ursache

” To me fashion is one of the most interactive arts and an international language for aesthetical, ethical and personal expression.

It is a weapon when we need to fight, but also an inspiration for a relaxing morning. It is a visit card for our feelings to the world” - Amelia Ursache

AU Fashion and Style

Amelia Ursache (AU) Fashion & Style is a brand providing personal image consultations (color & figure analysis) and design clothes adapted to silhouettes, color, and personality. The goal is to educate clients and create self-awareness about their aesthetic choice of clothes and accessories when looking to buy them. This saves time by choosing the right outfit, and knowing how to use clothes as a communication tool creates a source of confidence and harmony, which Amelia believes is a great benefit she can bring to people.

Award-Winning Designer

Amelia Ursache is an award-winning designer and PhD stylist with 25 years of experience in international fashion.

Based in Sweden, she gained early recognition trough her edgy and glamorous creations which stand out for natural & exclusive fabrics and for their versatility – using smart & practical solutions to change the same outfit into another style, suitable to be worn in a different occasion.

Amelia started her own company as19 years old in a little studio in the hometown Craiova, studied fashion design (6 years master degree) at Fine Art Academy in Bucharest and moved to Sweden in1998.

She represented Sweden together with other four designers in the international TV fashion program ”Fashion House” which brought her design  recognition. Her job carrier started  to established fashion swedish brands, as Lars Wallin, H&M and Lindex, and going on with collaborations with fashion gurus  as Valentino, Donatella Versace, Antonio Berardi, Matthiew Williams and D-Squared. Amelia has created under own brand Amelia Ursache Fashion & Style, over 25 collections that have sold in 12 countries, and was running since 2009 her own boutique in the heart of Stockholm, on Regeringsgatan.

Some other great achievements of hers as have been to also create a collection of ball gowns for the Nobel Prize Afterparty and to write her PhD thesis in Visiual Arts/Image & Style, under the title: ”The identity of personal style thru color, figure and personality analysis.

In 2018 she created the Fashion Departament and the Course for Certificated Fashion designers, teaching as Course leader/lector.

IDuring the pandemic, in 2020 was launched AU Fashion & Style -- Online Academy, the Online Course for Image & Style.


Amelia’s interest for the image consultations started when her designer portfolio reached more 25 collections. Meeting face to face the customers diin her showroom, she had the opportunity to get a great and feedback for her creations and to find out which are their really needs and opinions about clothing.

Amelia’s traditional thinking way about the designer’s role changed to a new perspective when customers talked in general abot one and same problem: to find plenty of clothes in the shops, but almost anything which is in harmony with their body shape, individual color of skin and personality.

As a result, the idea of doing a research into the relationship between the retail offer and the customer’s realistical needs was born, was getting life and transformed in an academic research into the theory of colors, the arhitectonic of the body shapes and the clothing styles.

Amelia has done a documented study of analyzing colors and figures on 200 female individuals in her showroom and her goal became to help people to dress with self-awareness, creating their best personal image!

AU favourite quotes:

”Style is like a language that everyone understands. Use this language to convey the best about yourself”

”It is a shame there are so many clothes and so little style”

“To dress with style is a present that you give to the world, but first to yourself.”


Inspiring childhood

Amelia is part of the happy, inventing, and hardworking Generation X.

She found very early her inspiration and passion for art and fashion in her family: her grandmother worked as a pattern maker for the fashion house Balenciaga, the other grandma created wedding dresses, her mother made watercolors paintings and drew portraits whilst being a chemical engineer, and her father travelled around the world bringing always home inspiring art books, photo albumes with nature and national costumes .

aMELIa uRSACHe Collections:


Experience & Proffesional Skills:

Fashion design & illustration; Pattern drafting; Style analysis (color & figure), Art and art history, Clothes manufacturing, Fabric supply, Production supervising, Fashion Marketing, Fashion management, Webdesign, Business development, Foreign languages (english, romanian, swedish).

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