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Figure & Style Analysis


What to avoid and what to choose for your dressing style, for your type of body and face?
Find out all the precious details about your best patterns, garment size, texture, accessories and how to combine them harmonious, by booking a 1,5h - 2h Session in Studio or an Online Style Consultation

Session in Studio

        During 1,5 - 2 hours we will look at your body shape and personal style together. You get black tight clothes and stand in front of a white board, while I take pictures of you and draw your silhouette's contour line.
We analyze the proportions and you get tips on which cuts, lines and materials/fabrics that best enhance your feminine attributes. You get tips and advice so that you can look as good as possible. It gives you knowledge and better finances as you avoid the mistakes that often happen, especially when you shop online. I measure your body from head to toe and find out your size of clothing that corresponds to sizes in Sweden and other countries. Finally, you will receive a style pass sent to your phone where your dimensions are included, as well as the information on which clothes will suit you best!


        If you desire to get answers regarding outfits which would be suitable for you to wear for some special ocasion, or to found out more about the items able to highlight your colour character, personality and the most attractive features of your silhouette, but at the same time you don't have the possibility to meet in person the designer in her studio, you are welcome to request  an Online Consultation.

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