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Colour Analysis


Which are your best matching colors and how can you combine them to enhance the most beautiful image of yourself?

Get fast Online style consultation  or book in-depth 1.5h - 2h

 Colour Analysis in the designer's studio!

Session in studio



Want a detailed analysis of your colours?

Never make a colour mistake again!

Under 1,5 - 2 hours Amelia Ursache will analyse your natural color profile, with help of 12 swatch groups of colors including palettes of light and dark tones, warm and cold hues, as well as bright and damped tints.  

1.You will get professional expert advice for your make-up and hairstyle


2.You will be show how to frame/sculpture your face with shadows and highlights and how to create your best look for a daily make-up or for a special occasion.

3.At the end of our session, you will get a picture of yourself with your matching make-up and your best colors, to have it available in your phone every time you go shopping.

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FÄRGANALYS () (2) copy_edited.jpg

If you desire to get answers regarding outfits which would be suitable for you to wear for some special ocasion, or to found out more about the items able to highlight your colour character, personality and the most attractive features of your silhouette, but at the same time you don't have the possibility to meet in person the designer in her studio, you are welcome to request  an Online Consultation.

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