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Every special occasion, a job interview, date, party, your dream wedding or just an ordinary weekday, is part of your own life and will be remembered by yourself and others. Your appearance is your business card for the world. Why not spend energy and express yourself in the finest way when you meet others and why not try to give yourself attention and make yourself attractive and special every day as if it were a holiday? You decide.

We talk about your needs and your style for everyday or your planned special occasion, we go through your personality traits, silhouette and color character, and then I give suggestions on clothes, accessories, hair style and makeup that give you your best look. I can choose between garments that are in other brands' range, or I can create unique garments that I draw and let you sew specifically for you. It's up to you if you want to me to use a fabric you already have or with the fabric solutions i will offer you.


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