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What to avoid and what to choose for your dressing style, for your type of body and face?


Find out precius details about your best patterns, garment size, texture, accessories and how to combine them harmonious by booking  book in-depth 1.5h - 2h ONLINE or LIVE SESSION


For 1.5 hours we will look at your body shape and personal style together. You already sent me your pictures (front, side, back) dressed in black tight clothes and standing in front of a white wall as well as the table with  your body measurements. I will analyse your proportions and silhouette`s contour line in both 2D and 3D program and during our Skype session i will present you my analysis. You find out details regarding your right size fin clothing in differnt markets and i give you tips and advice on which cuts, lines and fabrics textures & prints enhance the most your personal image, so that you can look as good as possible. It gives you knowledge and better finances as you avoid the mistakes that often happen, especially when you shop online. I will also give feedback regarding your hairstyle and you will get purposed ideas for haircuts fitting the shape of your face. Accessories (shoes, jewllleries, scarfes and glasses are extremely important in building an attractive personal style and you will find out which are the ones must be part of your stylish and well organized wardrobe !

 Finally, you will receive a complexe style pass sent to your phone where your measurements are included, as well as information on which clothes will suit you best.


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