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AUthentique WISE Woman is a perfume that stimulates your deeper sense of perception, inspiring reflection and connection to universal knowledge!


> Mystical, Deep, Warm, Intense, Aromatic, Rich

> Inspires reflection and meditation. It brings the  feeling of empathy and trust

> It can also be a unisex perfume

AUthentique WISE Woman

  • The perfume first has top floral notes formed by orchid petals, freesia and gardenia. The festive scent of the middle notes - apple, cinnamon and fragrant berries - are then carried through along with a strong woody base of patchouli, anti-tobacco and fir wood.

  • Matching Personality

    Authentique WISE Woman matches to the personality type named in psychology as ”The Empath.”

    This individual is found in society in the person of a teacher, a mother or older sister, a guru, a trainer, or a spiritual guide. Someone who is wise and full of emotional intelligence.

    Colours used: mild colors, pastel shades, weak to medium contrasts

    Perceived by others: soft, warm, emotional, likeable, kind, involved.

    Story: This perfume is No.3 from the first sample collection of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.

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