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A perfume that challenges and captivates, leaving behind that mysterious and temptating ”Je ne sais quoi”- the feeling you can become addicted to! AUthentique SEDUCTIVE Woman exudes passion, intensity and confidence through its deeply feminine and powerful mix of notes !


> For the seductive, passionate woman, confident in her femininity

> Exciting, wild and sweet at the same time

> An exotic blend of oriental sensuality with floral freshness

AUthentique SEDUCTIVE Woman

  • The depth and warmth of the amber notes used as a base creates a captivating presence, and complements the femininity of the jasmine flowers found in the middle notes and green bergamot.

  • AUthentique SEDUCTIVE Woman matches to the personality type named in psycology as ”The Promoter” which is commonly found amongst leaders, politicians, representatives in the fashion/beauty industry, marketing and others. It symbolizes passion, fire, the one who stands for his own ideas and enthusiastically promotes them to others, inspiring them.

    Colours Used: Clear, bright color combinations that stand out, strong contrasts

    Perceived by others: successful, seductive, confident, stands out, passionate

    Story: This perfume is No.36 from the first sample collecton of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.

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