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AUthentique ROMANTIC Man uses the freshness of woody and marine notes creating a masculine scent full of sensuality, belonging to a man who is interesting with a mysterious presence! He is someone romantic and slightly traditional who enjoys scenic walks with his partner and the tranquility of nature. He is the man in the dreams of the romantic women!


> Fresh, sensual, refined

> For the elegant man who adores romantic moments

> Suitable for both the day and evening

AUthentique ROMANTIC Man

  • This perfume creates its magic with every note you breathe. It's like a real crescendo opening with a fresh and springy smell of lilac and sea breeze, then growing with the rich and deeper notes of ylang-ylang, ocean, and patchouli.


  • AUthentique ROMANTIC Man would match with the personality named in psychology as ”The Traditional.” It is recognised to belong to someone that is  stable, moral, orderly, traditional, conformist, and down to earth. They are a good citizen, with exemplary morals, perhaps fighting for justice; working in administration, logistics, support roles, law, or even human ressources.

    Colours Used: discreet color, monochrome combinations, medium contrasts.

    Impression to others: Traditional, respectable, controlled, adequate.

    Story: This perfume is No.10 from the first sample collection of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.

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