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AUthentique NATURAL Woman is a perfume that reminds you of the enjoyment of being in nature, of relaxing and recharging in its natural power and perfection. This fragrance is for the woman who feels connected to nature, likes being outdoors and enjoys introspection. The floral and grassy notes inspires an increased a state of harmony within herself and implicitly with what surrounds her!


> Comforting

> The bohemian woman can feel "at home" with the harmonious and green aspects of this perfume

> Most suitable as a daytime perfume, especially in summer and spring

AUthentique NATURAL Woman

  • The combination of violets and hyacinth essential oils as the top notes is an invitation to relaxation, fulfillment and well-being. The lotus being used as the only essence in the middle note, amplifies the floral character, and the base of jasmine and lemongrass creates a feminine and natural warmth.

  • AUthentique NATURAL Woman  suits to the personality type ”The Dreamer.” It is a symbol for the idealist, the thinker, the loner, the lunatic, the sensitive person who lives in their inner world or with their "head in the clouds." This person is often an introvert, connects strongly with nature and loves to dedicate his free time to sports and outdoors activities rather than big crowds.

    Colours used: colors in "tone-on-tone" combinations, soft contrasts

    Perception by others: Simple, delicate, relaxed, natural, bohemian

    Story: This perfume is No.61 from the first sample collection of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.

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