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Relaxed in the most intimate corner of your home, you can now enjoy the luxury of nature worldwide concentrated in a unique perfume for the enjoyment of the individual in love with nature using AUthentique Natural Man! Feel the exotic scent of a tropical forest and the coolness of mint blended with the sweet-sour smell of an apple orchard, the scent of lemon grass, and a hint of musk!


> Slight citrus and mint scent

> Subtle, relaxing

> Recommended for daytime

AUthentique NATURAL Man

  • The pleasant fresh top notes of citronella, apple, and mint continues with a middle note that induces the feeling of relaxation like being within the heart of a rainforest. The musk flowers at the base complements the relaxing experience of the perfume, giving it depth.

  • AUthentique NATURAL Man  suits to the personality type ”The Dreamer”. It is a symbol for the idealist, the thinker, the loner, the lunatic, the sensitive person who lives in their inner world or with their "head in the clouds." This person is often an introvert,  connects strongly with nature, and loves to dedicate his free time to sports and outdoors activities rather than big crowds

    Colours Used: "tone-on-tone" colour combinations, soft contrasts

    Impression on those around you: down to earth, delicate, relaxed, natural, bohemian

    Story: This perfume is No.47 from the first sample collecton of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.

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