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Fresh, sexy, and energizing!

The most exciting experiences in life would be almost completely missed if those who surround us did not challenge our imagination with all kinds of ideas and solutions to implement them! Thus the AUthentique Creative Man perfume brings with it the power of creative inspiration! The man who holds this power will always be the one who knows how to support you in any project!


> Intense grassy scent, sharp, vibrant notes

> Dynamic and evokes feelings of creativity

> Suits the active, creative man, as a day and evening perfume

AUthentique CREATIVE Man

  • The top notes of lilly will give you a kick of energy while the tonka beans fill the air with an exotic quality that inspires creativity. The Aloe Vera accentuates the vivacity of the perfume and the woody notes of patchouli brings on an element of masculine energy

  • Authentique CREATIVE Man matches to the personality type named in psycology as ”The Rebel” -  a non-conformist individual with imagination, spirit of action, originality, and someone who sees the world differently. In general this personality belongs to people involved in activities such as visual art, performance, dance, music, or writing.

    Colours Used: bright colors or the complete opposite, such as an all-black look

    Perception by others: unique, creative, playful, edgy, non-traditional 

    Story: This perfume is No.27 from the first sample collection of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.

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