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A perfume that resonates confidence, firmness and a visionary spirit! The scent worn by a  man who persuades and creates immediate trust. Through his fascinating and self-confident presence, his innovative ideas and superior knowledge which leads him to success, Authentique Business Man knows what he wants, impresses and conquers!

> Dominant, intense, fresh

> A trailblazer, a leader with authority and decision-making power

> A daily perfume, ideal in the business environment

AUthentique BUSINESS Man

  • The high concentration of natural oils in the composition of this perfume defines it as the most intense in smell and the most resistant on the skin out of the entire AUthentique fragrance line. The base note made of patchouli oil complements the freshness top notes of green aloe and water lilies. The general feeling it creates, is one that is refreshing and captivating.

  • AUthentique BUSINESS Man suits the personality type ”The Workaholic”. This is the manager, the careerist who is almost married to his work, someone organised and structured, or a driven entrepreneur.

    Colours he uses: discreet colors and harmonies, neutral and monochrome combinations,  medium contrasts.
    Impression he leaves : elegant, professional, structured, organised, tidy.

    Story: This perfume is No.25 from the first sample collection of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache. This personality conceptually embodies the archetype "The Workaholic" from the personality theories that inspire this collection. 

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