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The Full Story

AUthentique WISE Woman

AUthentique WISE Woman is a perfume that stimulates your deeper sense of perception, inspiring reflection and connection to universal knowledge! The woman who wears it will exude an elegance that creates interest and demands respect. She is the soft woman evoking that mystery you can trust! Her answers have always been proven to be the wisest and she is full of understanding and goodwill, always showing empathy and eloquence!


> Mystical, Sensual, Warm, Subtile, Aromatic

> Inspires reflection and meditation. It brings the  feeling of empathy and trust

> It can also be a unisex perfume



The perfume first has top floral notes formed by orange blossom and violets. The festive scent of the middle notes - iris - is then carried through a gourmand/eros base of vanilla and musk.

Matching Personality

Authentique WISE Woman matches to the personality type named in psychology as ”The Empath.”

This individual is found in society in the person of a teacher, a mother or older sister, a guru, a trainer, or a spiritual guide. Someone who is wise and full of emotional intelligence.

Colours used: mild colors, pastel shades, weak to medium contrasts

Perceived by others: soft, warm, emotional, likeable, kind, involved.

Story: This perfume is No.67 from the first sample collection of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.


Top notes

Orange, Violets

Middle notes


Basic notes

Musk, Vanilla

Perfume groups

Floral, Aromatic

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