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AUthentique  WISE Man

Complex, deep, inspiring a call to meditation and knowledge. Through the floral notes of neroli and rose, mixed with the strong essences of lotus and ginger, the perfume creates interest and curiosity! Authentique Wise Man can be metaphorically represented as the aura of a master meant to inspire with his genius, introducing his students to the secrets of his craft or the mysteries of the Universe!

> Rich, sweet-flavored, slightly oriental

> Inspires maturity and wisdom

> Especially suitable for the evening

20230224_122559 (1)_edited.jpg


The particulary  mix between lime and cherry in the top notes creates an introductory experience to a slightly sweet note. The middle notes differ in tone, bringing out the jasmin flower with its generous and erotic scent, along with the celestial purity of magnolia Placed together, the contrast becomes exotic and interesting, finding its balance in the heavy, yet extremely lush and pleasant amalgamation of the woody base notes: cederwood, amyris, nag champa and vanilla !

Matching Personality

Authentique WISE Man is recommended for the personality type ”The Empath” which can be identified in society as the person who is wise and full of emotional intelligence. This can be a teacher, a caring parent, a guru, a trainer, or a spiritual guide. 

Colours you use: mild colors, pastel shades, weak to medium contrasts.

How those around perceive you: soft, warm, emotional, likeable, kind, involved.

Fun Fact: This perfume is No.64 from the first sample collection of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.


Top notes

                                  Cherry, Lime

Middle notes

Jasmine, Magnolie

Basic notes

Cederwood, Amyris, Nag Champa,Vanilla

Perfume groups

Woody, Aromatic, Floral

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