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With AUthentique GIFT CARD combo-box you can offer to a beloved person or to a couple, a more special and interesting present!  He/she/they will get ”free hands” to create a personalised gift  for themselves. You can suggest them to take AUthentique quiz, or to book time in our showroom and find out what are the personalities and the perfumes which match them best!

The combo-box GIFT CARD  for 150€ allows them to choose any perfume or set  of perfumes from our range.

The sets use bottles of different sizes, what offers you a variation of scents but also a great soloution for travel.


See displayed in our Shop all the variants of SETS of perfumes  suitable for AUthentique COMBO-BOX.

GIFT CARD combo-box

  • The person who is the beneficiary of the GIFT CARD, must contact us by sending an email to In the email must be specified the following informatio regarding the delivery of the perfume/s:

    • The name of the perfume ot of the set of perfumes she/he chose.
    • Your name, as buyer.
    • The registration code sent by us  in the confirmation email.
    • Her/his name
    •  Address for delivery

    Thank You!

    • Her/his name and address for delivery.

    Thank You!

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