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AUthentique CREATIVE Woman


Just as the energy on a sunny day is a blessing for the mind and soul, this perfume aims to energize you and inspire you to be creative! AUthentique CREATIVE Woman has a real explosion of fresh and exuberant scents meant to stimulate your imagination and the desire to express your ideas! It reminds you that nothing is impossible as long as you believe in your dreams, and with this non-traditional mix of notes you can start fulfilling them RIGHT NOW!


> Fresh, exciting scent, inspires imagination, vision and action

> The active, creative, playful and sophisticated woman

> Most suitable as a daytime perfume



It starts with a fruity and refreshing scent of pear, soaked with the youthful scent of freesia. The heart of the perfume has the calming, soft-feminine fragrance of the white rose, being exalted by the adorable and revigorating base of the green tea notes. 

Matching Personality

Authentique CREATIVE Woman matches to the personality type named in psycology as ”The Rebel” -  a non-conformist individual with imagination, spirit of action, originality, and someone who sees the world differently. In general this personality belongs to people involved in activities such as visual art, performance, dance, music, or writing.

Colours Used: bright colors or the complete opposite, like an all-black look

Peceived by Others: unique, creative, playful, non-conformist

Story: This perfume is No.56 from the first sample collection of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.


Top notes

Pear, Freesia

Middle notes

White Rose

Basic notes

Green Tea

Perfume groups

Green, Grassy, Floral

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