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AUthentique BUSINESS Woman

Confidence is the sexiest accessory!
AUthentique BUSINESS Woman is a perfume that inspires confidence, feminine power and a visionary spirit at the same time! A perfect choice  for the active, driven woman who knows what she wants and how to achieve her goals! The perfume scent exudes an air of clarity, focus and intelligence with a touch of assertive femininity!


> Floral perfume, spreading freshness, cleanliness

> Suggests feminine strength

> It is especially suitable for the day or afterwork mingles



The perfume starts poetical with top floral note of violets and lilac, which brings the insistent smell of the begining of the summer, and evoluate into a clean and strong middle note of lotus. The base is as exciting and irresistible with the essence of white musk and vanilla, transforming this combination in a metaphor for the charisma of a strong woman! 

Matching Personality

The AUthentique BUSINESS Woman matches to the personality type named in psycology as ”The Workaholic”. 

This is the manager, the careerist who is almost married to her work, someone organised and structured, or a driven entrepreneur.

Colours Used: discreet colours and harmonies, neutral and monochrome combinations, medium contrasts

Perceived by others: elegant, professional, structured, organised, tidy.

Story: This perfume is No.70 from the first sample collection of fragrance proposals created by Amelia Ursache.


Top notes

Violets, Lilac

Middle notes


Basic notes

White Musk, Vanilla

Perfume groups


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